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The High Galaxy



The High Galaxy and UHGN

Mission and Authority




The High Galaxy (HG) and The Union of High Galactic Nations (UHGN)


The name The High Galaxy (HG) is related to a spheric continent located in the high dimension of subtle materia within The Milky Way. This spheric continent consists of planets inhabited by The High Galaxy nations. It is also related to an organisation of nations living on this spheric continent. In this context, an official name The Union of High Galactic Nations (UHGN) can be used.


The Union of High Galactic Nations (UHGN) includes also a number of The SubHigh Galaxy (SHG) nations who have joined The High Galaxy mission. The SubHigh Galaxy (SHG) teams cooperate with The High Galaxy teams under the leadership of The High Galaxy specialists within The Union of High Galactic Nations (UHGN).


Beside the nations and entities helping planet Earth within the mission of UHGN, there are other entities coming neither of The High Galaxy nor of The SubHigh Galaxy. Nevertheless, they are helping planet Earth in coordination with UHGN. In other words, the UHGN teams are operating on their fleets near planet Earth together with the fleets of other allied entities.


I use all these names mentioned above in accordance with The High Galaxy representatives who communicate with me. I myself prefer using name The High Galaxy when speaking about the fleets helping planet Earth; though a number of the involved fleets do not come only from The High Galaxy spheric continent, they act in subordination to The High Galaxy teams.


Andromedas, an angelic galaxy nation

One of the helping entities which does not live on The High Galaxy spheric continent is Andromedas.

Andromedas is the first high dimension entity that announced me its existence and started communicating with me.

Andromedas beings are of angelic origin. They have their own genesis story together with other cosmic spirits and nations. Their angelic nature combined with a talent and abilities to live their lives in cosmic eternity allows them to guard high dimension boarders. Though they live on their nebula planet outside The High Galaxy spheric continent, their interplanetary „belt“ is connected with The High Galaxy spheric continent somehow.


An Andromedas fleet „discovered“ „electromagnetic ploughs“ of planet Earth (in which the ports of planet Earth are located) on 18th of Janury 2009. For details, see Introducing Andromedas - How It Began and Vysoká Galaxie – kalendář událostí (The High Galaxy – Events), available only in Czech for the time being.


Andromedas specialists teams provided an enormous help when the planet Earth was attacked by an interplanetary entity from the Outer Space in March 2009. They also provided The High Galaxy entities with the analysis of the situation of plaaanet Earth and coordinated arrivals of The High Galaxy fleets in the upper ploughs of planet Earth.



These are the names of the nine High Galaxy entities whose arrivals were organised by Andromedas teams. The names are given in the order in which the fleets of the nine entities arrived in the upper „electromagnetic ploughs“ of planet Earth in the course of the period of December 16th, 2009 – March 6th, 2010.        


         The High Sirius

         announced on December 16th, 2009, arrival on December 17th, 2009

         The High Orion

         announced on December 16th, 2009, arrival on December 17th, 2009

         The High Perseus

         announced on December 16th, 2009, arrival a few days or a week after

         The High Cassiopea

         arrival on December 24th, 2009

         The High Lyre

         arrival on February 8th, 2010

         The High Ophiuchus

         arrival on February 8th, 2010

         The High Pleiades

         arrival on February 20th, 2010

         The High Leo

         arrival on February 26th, 2010

         The High Virgo

         arrival on March 6th, 2010


These nine entities were the first ones, beside the mentioned Andromedas, who arrived to help planet Earth. Thanks to the crew of the Andromedas fleet who had discovered and described the electromagnetic ploughs of planet Earth, the fleets of these nine HG entities were able to get into the upper ploughs.


The names above suggest that the most of the fleets have come from the gross matter constellations of The Milky Way. Nevertheless, I have been explained that these names are to help us understand and identify the „entry point“ through which the fleets reached The Milky Way´s „cross balance“, that means a point which is necessary for building the frequency framework for the„materialisation“ process.


Since our extraterrestial friends come of high dimensions, it is impossible to see their planets with traditional telescopes. In other words, frequencies of this world serve as a kind of intransparent curtain through which people on planet Earth can see neither spheres of extraterrestrial entities nor spheres of angelic beings.


The arrivals of The High Galaxy fleets were announced to me at least one day before they reached the upper ploughs of planet Earth. Nevertheless, in some cases I knew that the fleets were coming a few weeks before they reached the ploughs.


After The High Galaxy fleets arrived, their crews sent SOS signals asking all their alliens in the Universe to help planet Earth and representatives of the fleets contacted me and introduced themselves.


The High Galaxy fleets arrived in the days when huge massive attacks were coming from the Outer Space as many entities feared they would loose their source of basic energy if planet Earth moved up towards the high dimensions.


The High Galaxy´s mission and authority

The High Galaxy´s main mission of these days is to provide help and protection to planet Earth in situations critical for her planetary and interplanetary form of existence, that is to protect planet Earth against attacks from The Outer Space and further, to protect planet Earth from harmful influencies coming from the Outer Space, like radiation, grid netting, objects, substance particles, organisms, and so on.

Nor The High Galaxy neither UHGN can intervene with world conflicts or with conflicts between groups, individuals, and so on. Only Christ and angels sent by Christ can intervene with the world affairs.


Nevertheless, the help provided by HG and UHGN concerns also spiritual people and people of good will since these people belong to the high energetic zones of planet Earth. As the vibration map of planet Earth differs from the geographical one, people who live on planet Earth are seen in their geographical locations and in their vibration zones as well. The vibration zones are connected with corresponding subtle materia dimensions or even with the spiritual ones; therefore, people „vibrating“ on a high zone level are understood and dealt with as if they were The High Galaxy inhabitants or dear friends who need help.


Given the fact that spirits of some individuals on planet Earth live more than one life simultaneously and further, given the fact that spirits of some individuals can live in existence patterns in more than one dimension simultaneously, it is only Christ and His Angels who know who is who. Everybody has his or her time to show goodness and love. Someone who appears to be very egoistic at the age of twenty, can become a loving, caring, self-giving person when he or she is forty or fifty. Only Christ can see true man´s achievements, only Christ is entitled to judge.


The HG entities do not judge people who live on planet Earth but they must protect themselves and their own space regions against harmful vibrations and radiation waves produced by black magicians or by other mind manipulators and attackers who use psychotronic and similar weapons. All these mentioned people have been excluded from the HG´s help because of the destructive vibrations they produce. This rejection is in accordance with the Universal Law and in accordance with Christ´s decision since these manipulators and attackers have lost „A Man of Earth“ status. In other words, they cannot be included into the transformation process unless they give up their dangerous activities.


The High Galaxy projects

All the HG´s projects and actions are discussed and prepared, executed, and controlled in cooperation with Christ´s angels and archangels, the Andromedas teams being mediators and a bolt advisors as well.

Thanks to the cooperation between UHGN and Christ´s angels and archangels, planet Earth has started a long-term transformation process which still gives a chance to people who live on planet Earth to continue to evolve.


The High Galaxy spokeswomen

Tindran of The High Pleiades 2015 -

Alcastean of The High Orion 2012 - 2015


The HG projects which you can found on web Amezdas are Modems for Health and Outer Space Broadcast



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