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Introducing Andromedas

How It Began



Andromedas beings are of pure angelic origin. They have their own genesis story together with other cosmic spirits and nations. Their angelic nature combined with cosmic existential dispositions allows them to guard high dimension boarders. They live on their nebula planet outside the High Galaxy spheric continent but their interplanetary region crosses The High Galaxy interplanetary region.

My first communication with Andromedas happened on Sunday, January 18th, 2009.


How it began

 On Saturday, January 17th, 2009, I found myself tuned to high frequences due to my previous meditation and prayers to Christ; I experienced an extraordinary ecstasy. When I asked Christ why such an experience was happening to me, He told me that it was very important for something very significant and that I will see.

The ecstasy experience continued the following day, that is on Sunday January 18. In the morning of that day, I perceived something which I could call a measuring instrument. I sensed it was in front of me somewhere in distance in Southeast, but in another dimension. The instrument looked like a sort of stapler.

Then in the afternoon, a silver circle came to me in a soundless glide. It had no outline. As soon as it stopped, the measuring instrument was suddenly very close to me; it was suddenly very big, maybe it was bigger than the circle itself, maybe it was even partly in the circle. It opened and closed in a flash and and after that, I did not see it. Then the circle moved back without turning and vanished. Immediately after this experience, another full circle without an outline came to me. It happened again in a soundless glide. The circle was gray with a tint of silver colour. As soon as the second circle stopped, the measuring instrument appeared in the same way and made the same movements as described above in the case of the first circle: it opened, closed and was gone. Again it happened in a flash.

 I was standing when all this happened. I remember I was facing either East or Northeast when those circles approached me. In other words, they glided to me either from East or Northeast and they went back in the same direction .

On one hand, I was stunned, breathless, moveless as it happened unexpectedly and in a flash. On the other hand, this „measuring circle experience“ seemed normal to me; probably due to my ecstasy. I sensed again the measuring „stampler“ somewhere far but near in Southeast (in another dimension) but I didn´t think about it any more during the rest of the day till something incredible, fantastic happened in the evening.

In the evening of the same day between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM, either in East or Northeast, yet in my room, suddenly a cosmic silver-blue glare spread before me and in a flash, an invisible platform was installed. On that platform, an astronaut appeared. It happened very fast. First I saw him kneeling on one knee, then he stood up. He was standing on that invisible platform in something which I perceived as an invisible communication box. When standing up he took off his helmet. He did it with a glorious victorius movement as if he had accomplished something incredibly big. I did not sense him, I saw him. I saw every detail on his appearence. After he took his helmet off, he still had another one remaining on his head. The first helmet was very similar to austronaut helmets we can see on astronauts of this world. The second helmet was transparent (the material reminded me of plexiglass but it was not plexiglass) so I could see the astronaut´s face very clearly. I understood I was looking at Captain´s face. The impression I got was a very safe feeling since I knew I had met a noble-minded, very kind and generous cosmic „being“ of high inteligence.

Captain was wearing a silver blue astronaut „uniform“ made from a very fine material. He looked almost etheric and very gentle though humanlike and masculine as for his gender identification. But first of all, there was a glimpse of „cosmic unknown“ in his appearance and around him as well. His body was of subtle materia which I realised later. That evening, I saw him as a real being; real enough for this world; I did not sense any difference between subtle materia and gross materia.

 He looked at me with an enthusiasm and joy, and also with an unspoken kindness.

I jumped up, waved my arms and called to him: DON´T COME CLOSE ! THIS IS A WAR PLANET. He smiled without saying anything.

 I was excited. He was real!!! I was thinking about calling our government or at least some astrophysicist immediately that evening, but I changed my mind since I realized nobody would believe me. At least, I sent a few SMS. This outstanding experience made me feel exhausted and I fell asleep. Captain stayed with me while I was sleeping.


Monday, January 19th, 2009 – Tuesday, January 20th 2009

Monday, January 19th, 2009

In the morning, I woke up into the communication with Captain. Then the communication continued with breaks till Tuesday afternoon.

 Captain told me, among other things, they couldn´t get closer to planet Earth since the frequency structure and vibration level of the Earth Planet had made it impossible. And of course, the fact they had seen all the arms and the military spirit on planet Earth was important to them, too. Further, Captain told me that if the Earth vibrations continue to ascend, there could be a communication between planet Earth and their entity or even an arrival or a close approach could be considered within the following five years.

 He told me that their civilization respects theLaw given by God and that they are subordinated to Christ. He also told me they were conducting studies on our planet which they would present to their Council after they returned.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

 Captain told me that people on planet Earth would undergo a significant spiritual development within the following five years. He also said that during that period of time people would start to see each other according to their spiritual level.

He also said it seemed very likely they would help us in the very near future. I understood what he had meant when about two months after this meeting, our planet was attacked by extraterrestrial beings using special technique and technology.

Our last communication was on Tuesday afternoon, January 20th, just before they left. When saying goodbye to each other, we made arrangements to stay in touch.

The whole communication with Captain was conducted on telepathy basis through information packages created in a flash on the principles of synthetic way of thinking.


 One day or two days later

A friend of mine told me that the following day on a Czech radio station there had been a mention about a glare which might have been connected to an ET civilization.


February 21st, 2009

I got in contact with Captain and his nebula planet. This is an official greeting from the inhabitants of Captain´s nebula planet which I call Andromedas (because their Outer Space entry point to get close to the Earth Planet is in the Andromeda Galaxy).


We are enormously happy to greet planet Earth and all the planet Earth inhabitants. We are doing so in  solemnity regardless of your faith and your individual evolution degre since we understand that all the differences are characteristic evolution features of your planet. We look forward to a peaceful contact and to visiting your planet in the near future if the circumstances make it possible.

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 Monday February 22nd, 2009

 I got in contact with Andromedas.

The inhabitants gathered in the square were expressing their excitement. Captain told me that their planet was ready to send a signal and possibly create a basic communication code language under my assistance.

I saw a projection board.



As for Captain´s estimation of the vibration ascension of planet Earth, the obstacles due to enormous attacks on planet Earth from the Outer Space had not been considered. The attacks started in March 2009 with an aim to occupy the Earth Planet or at least to stop or slow down the ascension process.




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