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Space VideoTelevision

High Galaxy Broadcast

How to Get Tuned





This video television runs nonstop on each Amezdas web site where the graphic picture of the HG space videoTV is posted.



There are two basic conditions for getting into the program:

- your will to percieve/sense the information;

- your frequency compatibility, that is your ability to sense.

It can also be said that this space videoTV runs on the basis of sensing and telepathy. Any negative feeling, even a doubt about this television, can be disturbing or an obstacle.


The Programme

The programme consists of music sections (indicated in italics in the videoTV Guide) and information units. The devided into short subunits whose description you can find after clicking on the „detail“.

There is a music section before every information unit.

A 24-hour broadcast offers the same programme three times every day:

 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. here

 4:45 p.m. to 0:45 here

 0:45 to 8:45 here


The Frequency compatibility

The frequency compatibility could be explained as a still frequency pattern waving through your sensing neuron structure which is bridged to your consciousness and upper mind level so that you can sense or percieve a multidimensional message. In other words, this frequency pattern activates your central information point which connects your mind, upper mind, emotion level and consciousness level and which transmits information. Someone is born with this information point, someone can develop it during his or her life through meditation, prayer, listening to classical music inspired by angels, also through learning or teaching a foreign language in synthesis, noble thoughts and feelings, etc.

However, some broadcast frequencies can be detected and measured by adequate scientific instruments.


How to get started

No switching on, no switching off. You just have to get on the HG video television site.

There is a music section before each information unit. The High Galaxy music helps tune into the more challenging information units. Since „the listening to“ the galactic music in the music sections is a good training for sensing, you can „listen to“ it even if you do not intend to start sensing an information unit. Nevertheless, if you want to sense an information unit or subunit, you are recommended „to listen to“ the music in the very preceding music section.

So I recommend to start training your sensing capability when „listening to“ the Prelude which opens the Programme or to any music section. Then you can start sensing the speeches and greetings following the Prelude.

You can enter any music section any time when it is on. If you are a beginner, it is optimal for you to „listen to“ it from the very beginning to the very end.

It is highly recommended to start at least cca one minute before the information subunit which you would like to sense, begins.


As for the greeting and information units, the energetic architecture of each subunit has its stream order like the music sections but based on logic sequences. That is why you should start sensing no later than at the very moment the chosen subunit begins; otherwise, you can get confused or lost or you may not get into the programme at all.


The position

 You do not have to look at the picture of the screen when sensing. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, you are recommended to stay at the computor and look sometimes at the picture of the screen, at least for a few seconds. If you are advanced, you can even turn the computor off.


Continuous opening, unpacking (unwrapping)

You can watch this videoTV alone or together with as many people as you like as long as they meet the conditions. Both the information units and the music sections are delivered in special information packages which the sensing viewer/listener „opens“ or rather „unpacks“ or unwraps in his or her own way. That means that each person in the group can have different experiences within the same information unit or music section.

Since the programme is interactive, you can „unpack“ or unwrap any programme unit or music section also on the basis of your thought process.


Repeated sensing

As mentioned above, the music sections and information units are delivered in multiple frequency level packages. That means that when sensing the same information unit for the second time or more times, you can grasp the information on a higher or different level. In other words, a repeated sensing can involve a new point of view or a new detail.


Exclusivity for web Amezdas

The HG Space VideoTelevision is implemented only on the website Amezdas. If you download or copy the graphic picture of the HG space videoTV and place it on some other website, or if you print it, it will not operate.


Why are not the programme units and music sections delivered in videos which we could sense any time?

The frequency structures waving within the technical net of the Earth Planet change very often, during some days they change nonstop. The transmission of the programme in a fixed time as given in the VideoTV Guide, enables the UVGN specialists to adjust the Earth Planet frequencies within the HG VideoTV broadcast.

Another reason is the fact that the limited time for sensing (you cannot rewind the information unit back and play again but you have to wait until it comes in another time set), motivates you to work on yourself to be able to reach the frequency compatibility.


No health risks

Rest assured that HG broadcast cannot cause any health problem; neither physical nor mental one. If there is any signal of your vulnarability, the Space VideoTV turns off for you by itself immediately.

Don´t get frustrated

If you cannot not sense anything, please take it with a smile, don´t get frustrated and try later.

If you think you are not interested any more, we thank you for your time. Anyway, even if you are sure today that the HG TV transmission is not real, you may change your opinion in near future. The history of human science confirms that sci-fi can happen; maybe you will see the High Galaxy ships one day.



 © Ludmila Kozáčková, 2010

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