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A celý svět i nebe i vesmír

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Sirius Trafostation
HR and AKG Modems and their lists




When activating a modem, make sure that your body, at least one cell of your body, is in the computor screen range. After the activation has been completed, you can leave the website, or you can turn the computor off and go anywhere, you can do anything, you can even sleep. Neverthless you are recommended to avoid very fast movements.

For the activation conditions click here

For information on HR modems through trafostation click here

For information on AKG modems through trafostation click here




To activate a crystal touch the appropriate small yellow arch (it looks like a small upturned sickle ) in the left part of the graphic picture, see above, then click on a healing radiation modem or an AKG modem in one of the urolled lists below, then click on go. On the left side, just below the picture of the trafostation, there is Choose a language/Vyberte jazyk. You need to choose a language in which you will read the list of the modems.The names of the languages are written in Czech. If you want to read the list in English, click on angličtina.

Healing Radiation (HR) modems


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AKG modems


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