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Activation Conditions



Both the healing radiation modems and the AKG modems provide a very specific protection and remedy for the human body and its systems as well, including the auric systems. Such protection and remedy cannot be provided by any known scientific means as the scientists are not aware of some Outer Space threats to the human body, human body systems and auric systems.

The radiation modems can perform for you you only if you agree with such a performance or even better, if you give a command to your brain gama disclosure centres to control all the activities and influences within your auric systems. In other words, there is no reason to see this radiation modem project as a manipulation technology because it is you who is in control within your upper mind level.


The radiation modem project includes:

- healing radiation (HR) modems;

- auric kinesthetic generic (AKG) modems.


Activation Conditions

The modems are based on a high multidimensional subtle technology. Therefore if you feel any negative emotion like anger, hatred, thoughts of revenge etc., when trying to get a modem treatment or before your attempt to activate a modem, you may not succeed. Similarly, these modems do not response to people who do magic, black magic, or any other violent techniques.

The effect of the radiation modems can be highly appreciated by those who meditate and pray. The modems can help you, at least to some extent, even if you take this matter with humor but they will not get activated if you approach them with a despect or an irony.


Even if you are an atheist, you can try as long as you make an affort to live according ethical values and and as long as control your thoughts and emotions though you fail sometimes.

Neither the modem activation nor the healing effect of the modems depend on a financial contribution to this web.


Use also your common sense

If you do not experience any improvement, it does not mean that you are not spiritual or that you do not deserve to get better. For sure it does not mean there is something wrong with you. And definitely, the modems are not meant to be your ethical values test.

 If they do not help in spite of the fact you meet all the conditions, it means that the nature of your health problem requires a different approach like herb-based healing or traditional medicine, maybe even a surgery. In such a case the modems can be used as a complementary healing.

Since the radiation modems are designed for people with a common sense, you are supposed to see a doctor if your problem requires a prompt solution.

As for the modems designed for the mental diseases, they should be understood mostly as a complementary prevention unless the mental problem is caused by an astral influence, etc. Similarly, the modem called "Children's Diseases" is not a kind of alternative vaccination, "Muscles" should not be used as a substitute for a physical exercise, "Teeth" should not be understood as an alternative dental hygiene, etc.


Don´t rely only on modems

It is also wise to benefit from the healing power of herbs and the right lifestyle. Nevertheless, in the healing process, the essential factora are your will to overcome the health problems and your awareness of the Existence of God, His Power and His Mercy. Your will to overcome the problems together with prayers can call a miracle, especially if you repent of your wrongdoings and misdeeds, unkind thoughts and emotions. Such a spiritual approach carries on the wings of joy and hope even if it seems no help comes. It gives a strength to accept the plan of the Holy Wisdom, which is superior to ours.


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