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Auric Kinesthetic Generic

 (AKG) Modems

in the Screen Range

Activation by Touching a Square

 Instructions for Beginners 




What AKG Modems are about

Get Started

How to Finish

Can Anybody Else Stay in the Screen Range with Me?

Up to a One-hour Treatment

Two Ways How to Use AKG Modems in the Screen Range

Breaks Between Modem Treatments



If you have decided to receive a treatment when sitting by the computor, you will activate your initial modem by touching the square of the initial modem picture, see Get Started below.


What Auric Kinesthetic Generic (AKG) Modems Are About

AKG  modems module and demodule special information, radiation and  net-and-grid fields of the solar system and solar cosmos as these fields penetrate your auric fields and tracks.

Within your aura domain, AKG modems perform detection of

- any defect including a defect creation and defect risks;

- any invasive particle, substance, radiation or frequency pattern, netting pattern, structuring pattern, fotogenic and morfogenic hybrids, etc.;

- correction and prevention.


 The modem performance is based on a scan assessment  mechanism which makes:

- detailed scan of your auric coats, auric systems, fields and tracks;

- detailed scan of your body, your body systems and fields;

- causal analysis;

- data and risks assesment;

- involved modems selection;

- decision on treatment duration and intensity.


If the scan assessment finds it necessary, the modem mechanism switches to healing radiation modems (HR modems), or at least to one of them.

The modem technology is subordinated to your upper mind which is limited  or influenced  neither by the static third dimension laws  nor by the astral dimension laws.

An intermolecular information centre in your brain in synergy with your upper mind  pervade  multidimensional  net-and-grid fields  of the solar system and solar cosmos which enables you to be in control of all the processes within your aura domain.


AKG modems function also as your medical file compiling all the important data concerning your health and your medical history. 


Get Started

Step 1

An initial modem selection

On the website Modem Lists for Beginners, there is an AKG modem list starting with an „Alergy“ modem. Click to open the HR modem list and then click on the name of the modem you would like to start with, then click on go to get on the selected modem site. This selected modem is called an initial modem. You can choose the language of your preference in the language list, see the little window on the left. The names of the languages are written in Czech. If you want to read the list in English, click on angličtina.


Step 2

An initial modem activation

Any modem gets activated as soon as you touch  the square of the modem picture with your finger. However, you can activate any modem also by mere looking at the square if you have the right vibrations.


Your body position

You have to continue staying by the computor and keeping your body, at least one cell of your body, in the  computor screen range, the website with the graphic picture of the initial modem being open.



The effect of the radiation treatment depends on how much you meet the vibration activation conditions. If you get irritated or angry during the treatment process, you put the treatment intensity at risk. Keep in mind that the modems might switch off in case you loose control over your emotions.

For the vibration activation conditions click here.


How to Finish


The maximum  treatment duration is one hour.  If you want to finish before a one-hour treatment has been completed, there are a few ways how to do it:

- leave the initial modem website;

- leave the position in the screen range for more than five minutes;

- turn the computor off;

-  express your wish to finish; you can do it either in your mind or in words;

You can finish any treatment process any time.


Can Anybody Else Stay in the Screen Range with Me?

Anybody,  even more people can stay with you in the screen range when you are activating a modem. They can activate the same modem for themselves. If they do not activate their initial modem, they will not get any treatment. If they do the activation, they will get a treatment according to their needs on the basis of the scan assesment.


Up to a One-hour Modem Treatment

As soon as your initial modem gets activated, the scan-assessment mechanism screens your auric coats, your auric systems and auric tracks in regards to your health condition and afterwards it also screens your body and your body systems and fields.

Your initial modem starts its treatment if the scan assessment shows you need it. The treatment duration is determined by the asssessment but it does not exceed 20 minutes. This information is important for you because there is no information on the screen if your initial modem has started radiating and in case it has started, there is no information on the treatment  duration  and which modem is the next.

When a twenty-minute period is over, you can be sure there is no sense sitting in front of your computor as long as you are interested only in your initial modem netting.

If the scan shows that  you do not need any treatment through your initial modem, it switches to the next most needed modem according to the assessment. The treatment duration of such modem is also determined by the asssessment and it does not exceed 20 minutes either. Since no treatment duration exceeds 20 minutes, you can get a series of three various modem doses at least.

After trying a one-hour treatment process while staying in the range of the computor screen, you can start using modems through Sirius Trafostation crystal so that you do not have to be stuck to your computor.



Two Ways  How to Use AKG Modems in the Screen Range


Click on a modem which you consider the most important to you or click on the modems  one after one and stay with  each of them as long as  you like  but no more than 20 minutes with each. You can do it in intervals according to your choice, but if you want to get a treatment through a certain modem more times per day, there should be at least a two-hour break in between.


Stay by your computor for an hour and rely on the scan assesment on which basis the modem treatment  will be delivered to you.

Option B has these advantages:

- you can be sure that in a one-hour period you will get a treatment for your most urgent health problems;

- you will get a treatment in optimal duration.


Breaks between One-hour Modem Treatments

There should be a two-hour break at least between the one-hour treatments. For example, if your  treatment was completed at 8:00 AM, the next treatment should not start before 10:00 AM.

Recommended Doses per Day

If your health problem is serious, you are advised to undergo a treatment process through every single relevant modem three times a day at least. Such treatment process is very likely to last about 20 minutes. After certain time, the treatment process is supposed to start getting shorter thanks to the recovery process.

Overdose Protection

Since  the treatment duration and intensity are determined  and controlled by the scan assessment during the treatment process, you cannot get overdosed.








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